How Ticket Fighter Helps You

Ticket Fighter Kingston is a Kingston Ontario area based paralegal service office that focuses on traffic ticket offences. Our Kingston area paralegal agent protects those cited in Kingston, Ottawa, Belleville, Brockville, Napanee, Cornwall, Peterborough, the Greater Toronto Area, Frontenac County, Lennox Addington County, and Hastings County traffic matters. Our paralegal will fight your traffic ticket, involving Speeding, Careless Driving, Driving Without Insurance, Drive Under Suspension, Running Stop Sign or Red Light, as well as other M.T.O. offences that require legal defence and advice.

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Were You Pulled Over

Were You Pulled Over?

If you are charged with violating a traffic law give Ticket Fighter a call. Ticket Fighter deals with anyone charged with speeding, careless driving, running a stop sign or traffic signal. Even driving without insurance, drive under suspension or violating other Highway Traffic Act matters.

Free Consultations

Legal Consultation

Give us a call or sit with our paralegal expert. You may learn something, or even find a solution to why you were charged with a traffic infraction. Most of the time, people pay the ticket without settling or fighting. So give Ticket Fighter a call and see what we can do for you.

Keeping You On The Road

Stay On The Road

Our goal is to keep as many drivers as possible free and clear of losing demerit points. Traffic violations can cause chaos to your driving record and especially your insurance premium. Our licensed paralegal will fight traffic tickets in court to maximize results to maintain your clean driving record.

   No Seat Belt
   Failure To Stop
   Careless Driving
   Red or Amber Light
   Drive Under Suspension
   No Insurance
   M.T.O. Offences

What People Are Saying

"Ticket Fighter saved me hundreds of dollars. I'm glad they were able to help me from losing demerit points."

Jason T.
Kingston, Ontario

"Sam saved the day for me! He was able to get my ticket thrown out without issue. Thanks Ticket Fighter!"

Melissa R.
Belleville, Ontario

"I was hit with multiple tickets, Ticket Fighter cut the fines in half and I didn't lose any points!"

Sebastien V.
Ottawa, Ontario